Choosing a Wedding Venue...

Choosing the right wedding venue has a big outcome on the overall success of your wedding day. If the fa�ade is uninviting, if there is no parking, if the mood of the place is off and if your limousine can't drop you at the door, your big day can easily turn into a big flop.

This is why you should include in your wedding limo hire, a pre-wedding package which will allow you to hire your wedding limousine before the big day to help with the organization. This will give you the freedom to hire your wedding limousine to check out all of the potential venues for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Reviewing the venues for your wedding from your limousine allows you to focus solely on the venue and the feeling you get when you arrive, rather than worrying about whether you are late or where you are allowed to park. On your test run to the wedding venues on your short list, you can also take the opportunity to make sure there is enough clearance for your wedding limousines to make it up driveways and around corners to get you close to the entrance. You also need to check whether the surface between the limousine and the door is free and clear and whether a longer or wider red carpet will be needed, or if you should just discard the venue all together.

In riding from venue to venue in your wedding limousine you also have the chance to get to know your chauffeur and make special note of how you are treated by the limousine hire company. While you may have booked these wedding limousines already, it is not too late to ask them to make changes to services you're not happy with.

So if you are still choosing your wedding venues and limos, contact Wedding Car Hire London now and take our limos for a test drive, and our chauffeurs may even be able to suggest a venue you hadn't thought of for your special day.