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More and more people are putting off tying the knot until they are sure they are ready, they are settled in their home and they have saved up the money for the big day themselves so they don't have to rely on their parents who would rather be spending their money on their retirement. Therefore, it is more important than ever that brides and grooms can have everything exactly as they dreamed on their big day because they have waited a long time to get this day right.

Therefore, more and more limo hire companies are expanding their limo fleets to include more unique limousines and ones which meet the needs of modern brides and grooms. Couples are realising that their wedding limousines are a very important part of their wedding day, not only to ensure that they arrive on time and in control, but also so that their big entrance isn't met with �is that them?' or �maybe they have rich rellies...'

Couples want to be sure that their guests know that they have arrived and that their wedding limousine stands out from the crowd, even if they do have relatives who own a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW, they will not be confused with an SUV wedding limo. Hiring an SUV limousine for your wedding day will make for great wedding photos and a stunning entrance.

Your SUV wedding limo will also have plenty of room for the bridal gown, the bridesmaids' dresses and as many beefy groomsmen as you choose to have in your bridal party. Your SUV wedding limousine is also likely to be fitted with a fully stocked bar so you can enjoy a little celebration of your own away from all of the family and friends you were obligated to invite.

So with the popularity of SUV limousines for weddings, and for any other special celebration which needs a little spice, more and more limo hire companies are adding Hummer limousines and Lincoln Navigators to their fleets. Therefore, to help you find a limo hire company in your area with the most up to date limo fleet, contact Wedding Cars London now.

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