Wedding Rehearsal Limo Hire..

Pink limo hire for weddingThe wedding rehearsal dinner is a lot more important than just getting the bridal party together at the reception venue and making sure they all know where they are supposed to be. The wedding rehearsal dinner is a chance for the bride and groom, their bridal party and their close family to get together a few days before the wedding and enjoy some time to get to know each other and of course make sure they know their places.

Therefore, as with any dress rehearsal, you need to have everything just as you would for the actual event, and this means not only making sure your veil can be easily lifted during the ceremony and you allow time to pin up your train before your first dance, it also means making sure you are comfortable with your wedding limo hire.

So to give your wedding limo hire a test drive too, make sure your wedding limo hire package includes pre wedding hire and transport to your wedding rehearsal dinner. While you should have done all of your research and found a limo hire company and chauffeur which will roll out red carpet and open the doors for you, you want to make sure you have a run through of everything which will happen on the big day to avert any potential problems.

For example, is the red carpet going to leave red carpet fibres on the hem of your wedding dress? Will your groom open the limo door and the door to the reception venue for you, or will the chauffeur? Does the flower girl have somewhere to leave her flowers during the reception?

By hiring your wedding limousine for your wedding rehearsal dinner you can find the answers to all of these questions and more you hadn't even considered so you can be sure everything will run smoothly on your big day. Also, to help calm everyone's nerves and help everyone relax before the big day, you may even enjoy a few drinks at your wedding rehearsal dinner, but you can be sure your wedding limousine will be waiting to take you safely home to start the rest of your preparations.

For more information about including pre wedding limo hire in your wedding limo package, contact Wedding Cars London now.

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